The Other

About The Book

We bring to you stories of many ‘Others’ where no two are same, yet strung together by the oneness that unites them; their inner vacuum. Lest we forget in our arrogance that we may be someone’s ‘The Other’ as well, and in the hope we understand, empathize and assimilate ‘The Other’ into our lives, we present this varied collection of fine writings from both established and fresh voices.

Editors—Abha Iyengar & Mona Verma

Status. Sexual orientation. Skin colour. State of being. State of mind. State of belonging. These, and so many such seemingly insignificant factors get blown out of proportion by society to create a being called ‘The Other’. The one who is different and hence ostracized. And all the while ‘The Other’ leads a lonely life at the outer fringes of the society he/she so craves to be a part of.


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